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Tom Rocca

Tom Rocca

Chief Experience Officer and EVP

Tom Rocca is Chief Experience Officer (CXO) and Executive Vice President of Summa Franchise Consulting. He is also the Founder and President of KPI Group, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Tom has over 30 years of experience in consumer and business marketing, customer experience and has worked in a myriad of business segments including some of the largest franchise companies in the industry.

Tom keeps a continual focus on enhanced brand management, the customer life cycle, and supporting multi-channel marketing strategies. He has been a successful entrepreneur, the president of multiple contact center BPO’s, and has a strong depth the customer experience (CX) and user experience (UX) through enhancing and facilitating the transformation within the customer journey for various clients and companies.

Tom is a strategic hands-on marketing executive who leads a multi- and omnichannel, multi-dimensional marketing agenda for his clients designed to build and grow a huge, loyal, evangelizing base for clients’ customers. He keeps this omnichannel customer experience seamless and consistent, allowing a truly connected customer to make educated purchases through unified multiple channels. He has worked extensively with restaurant brands, as he is also a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI). Tom is trained on the preparation of a Food Safety Plan for clients following FDA standards and recall & risk support best practices.

Mr. Rocca focuses on an enterprise customer-strategy while overseeing its tactical execution. His key areas of strategic focus include developing a forward-looking plan that supports the organization’s commercial and brand objectives, while also providing executive-level customer insight. Tactically, Tom develops acquisition programs, define/optimize key customer segments, perform/leverage insights, and drive profitable growth at an executive level.

Continually, Tom keeps the focus on brand image and enhancement. He is a sought after trainer and speaker who inspires and excites. Tom’s passion is for discovering new ways to execute innovative marketing campaigns and programs for businesses and consumers.