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Our Services

Our Services

Summa provides end to end solutions to franchisors and those who want to be in franchising!

After years of successfully working with and for franchise companies as advisors, investors, and CEOs, our leadership team felt that most franchise consulting projects are underdeveloped and poorly executed. The simple problem is that most consulting firms don’t have recent experience selling franchises or operating franchise companies—two areas where we excel every day.

Summa was created to provide a complete, informed solution—from the birth of a new concept to solving company problems to helping clients of all sizes create franchisee growth and franchisor success—all on a reasonable cost basis.

Our services include:

  • Franchise Concept Viability Assessment
  • Franchise Formation Services
  • FDD Development Consultation*
  • Operations, Training, and Management Manual Development
  • Franchise Operations Consulting, including Audits
  • Franchise Sales Consulting
  • International Franchise Consulting, Brokerage, and Development Services
  • Restaurant Operations Consulting
  • Franchise Relations–Audits and Training
  • Food Safety, Facilities Testing, and Adverse Event Crisis Management*
  • Franchise Sales Marketing Plans
  • Lead Qualification Services for Franchisors*
  • Franchise Sales Training
  • Franchise Sales Marketing Materials Development
  • Franchise Sales Performance Audits
  • Franchise Sales Outsourcing Services*
  • Franchisee Financing and Business Plans*
  • Franchise Unit Re-sales Services*
  • Franchise System Acquisition (sale to investors)
  • Public Event and Seminar Speaking–Franchising Experts
  • Strategic Advice and Operational Support Consulting to Franchisors in Reorganization
  • Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) Services both for Companies in ‘Formal’ (bankruptcy or Court supervised) and ‘Informal’ (non-judicial) Reorganization
  • Court ‘Receiver’ Services for Foreclosure or Asset supervision and Sale
  • Appointed ‘Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors’ (ABC) Services as Trustee


*Services may be provided through our partners