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Our Services

Our Services

Summa provides solutions to franchisors and those who want to be in franchising!

Our team has significant experience in franchising. In fact our leadership and consultants have considerable relevant experience in franchising- unlike many firms with people who are substantially experienced consultants but who have never actually worked in a franchise company, or who have not worked in a franchisor company for decades. Summa’s real-world experience and continuing involvement in the franchise industry is the basis for success that we together create.

In 2006, our founder Robert Stidham set about developing a franchise sales consulting company that allowed franchisors to focus on operational excellence while continuing to grow their concept through partnering with an outside franchise sales organization. Today, that business is Franchise Dynamics. In 2018, Robert saw new opportunities in the franchise marketplace. Based on years of successfully working in the franchise industry, and after over a decade of leading Franchise Dynamics, Robert found that most franchise consulting projects are sometimes poorly developed and often not executed well. The simple problem is that most consulting firms really do not have recent experience in selling franchises or operating franchise companies.

Summa was created to provide a complete solution – from the formation of a new concept to solving company problems to helping clients of all sizes create franchisee growth and franchisor success. All on a reasonable cost basis. Summa provides a “franchisor life cycle consulting partnership” to create, grow, and help our clients and their stakeholders prosper.

Our services include:

  • Restructuring & Insolvency Expertise
  • Franchise concept viability assessment
  • Franchise Formation services
  • FDD Development Consultation*
  • Operations, Training and Management Manual development
  • Franchise Operations Consulting, including audits
  • Franchise Sales Consulting
  • International Franchise Consulting, Brokerage and Development Services
  • Restaurant Operations Consulting
  • Franchise Relations – audits and training
  • Food Safety, Facilities Testing and Adverse Event Crisis Management*
  • Franchise Sales Marketing Plans
  • Lead Qualification Services for franchisors
  • Franchise Sales Training
  • Franchise Sales Marketing materials development
  • Franchise Sales Consulting and Sales Performance Audits
  • Franchise Sales Outsourcing Services*
  • Franchise unit Re-sales services*
  • Franchisee financing and business plans*
  • Franchise System Acquisition (sale to investors)
  • Public event and seminar speaking – franchising experts