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Franchise Dynamics

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Franchise Dynamics

In 2006, Robert Stidham set about developing a company that allowed franchisors to focus on operational excellence while continuing to grow their concept by partnering with an outside sales organization. Today, it is the worldwide outsourced franchise development leader. Franchise Dynamics provides its clients with world class full-service franchise development, building the next generation of leading franchisors.

The Franchise Dynamics team provides its clients with the comfort that their sales are being driven by the best in the business; dedicated to helping them meet their franchise growth goals. The Franchise Dynamics team has been responsible for more than 7,000 franchise sales across a variety of categories and investment levels.


Franchise Sales Outsourcing

Summa Franchise Consulting has a unique relationship with Franchise Dynamics through certain common ownership. Their ‘Franchise Sales Outsourcing’ (FSO) program is designed to grow a successful franchise system that provides start to finish franchise development for clients. The Franchise Dynamics team on each project looks, feels, and operates as a member of the franchisors’ internal organization- working with marketing and operations executives and their staff to coordinate activities. Their fulfillment model is shared-risk oriented; unlike other FSO companies, they never take a portion of either royalty or equity from client companies.


Emerging Franchise Services

Emerging franchise services clients are generally newer start-up franchisors in need of guidance and assistance on setting up their franchising process, selling their first few franchises, and they have a need to focus only on high-value potential franchise candidates. Franchise Dynamics’ specialized ‘Strategic Franchise Development’ division is focused on providing services specialized to help emerging brands grow. They provide monthly shared risk pricing to ensure that clients are working with the right candidates who can become early, successful franchisees.