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Aaron McMartin

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Aaron McMartin

Vice President of Development

Aaron McMartin is the Vice President of Development for Summa Franchise Consulting. Aaron leads efforts to assist our clients’ domestic expansion plans and is instrumental in designing and implementing an appropriate growth strategy.

Aaron has served as a consultant and international development executive since 2008 and has 30+ years of business development experience. He has assisted new brands as they transitioned to a franchise model and has also worked with seasoned brands with several decades of franchising pedigree. Aaron has also developed franchise support systems and coached franchisees in several areas crucial to their success, including sales, launch strategies, and lead generation. He has clients in over 60 countries around the world.

Prior to joining Summa Franchise Consulting, Aaron worked with franchise concepts in several industries, including brands in the health & beauty space, F&B, early childhood education, executive training, and professional services. This experience allows him to have a granular understanding of the franchise arena and well-rounded expertise. 

Aaron prides himself on providing a consultative, needs-based approach to development and exploring our clients’ passions through franchising.